If you've come to the Careers page on our site, you're probably interested in considering new job opportunities.
We would therefore like to give you a few tips to help you see if you are the right person for our company and, especially, if SBS SPA is the right company for you.

Why apply?

SBS is a fast-growing company with an average age of under 35. In just over four years we have doubled the number of our employees and expect to hire many more.
We are therefore constantly looking for people with the right professional profile for joining us in sales, marketing, product management, quality, logistics and finance in particular.

Working in a growing company means having opportunities for professional growth and taking part in new projects..
Growth management must necessarily go down two roads: investing in senior personnel with consolidated experience in our sector, and continually searching for talented recruits among young graduates and recent graduates who can grow within the company.

Why young talent? Because SBS operates in an industry that is rapidly evolving to keep up with technological changes and follow current trends.
We are looking for people who know how to express their point of view but who also know how to accept criticism and the judgment of those with more experience.
All this is essential for us in an extremely competitive, rapidly changing market.
If you share our philosophy, don’t hesitate. Send your CV immediately to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or view the available positions here.

Thank you for your time!