Each of the four trademarks of the SBS SpA family targets different customers but they all have one common denominator: the continuous pursuit of excellence.

SBS: A stand-out brand in the design, creation and marketing of accessories for smartphones and tablets, SBS has been in business for more than twenty years and has over 100 employees in Italy and across the world. The brand is active across almost the whole of Europe, offering products marked by their sophisticated designs, which enable customers to customise their mobile devices however they wish.

Easy Cell: A new project from SBS, who created the brand to complement its existing activities in the mobile accessories sector. Easy Cell offers high-quality products that are characterised by extraordinary value and prices.

Ekon - Home Partner: The latest brand from SBS, which is based around the slogan "Home Partners", Ekon specialises in offering technologies for the home. These products mainly focus on cables and connections, including HDMI to TV antennas, USB adapters and DisplayPort connectors. Ekon sets out to improve and simplify the connections that are becoming ever more important to our homes, ensuring they are safe and practical to use.You can find more information at the site

Ekinex: is the SBS brand for the home automation systems Made in Italy. The Ekinex team specialises in creating home and building control systems that combine the advantages of innovative home automation technology with design aesthetics and attention to detail. The Ekinex philosophy supports the idea that design isn't purely an aesthetic exercise but should include as basic elements an ease of use and an immediate understanding of function along with a balanced and intelligent application of the technology. All the information can be found on
Ekinex also developed Delégo: a controller for every environment from homes to offices. This simple App lets you manage home automation and control your home remotely. For more information visit

Estendo - I love my Phone: Another company in the SBS SpA Group, Estendo is also based in Miasino and specialises in the planning, organisation and proposal of services for mobile phone users. These services include helping to arrange the extension of guarantees on electrical products beyond the legally required 24 months. Estendo operates a network of service centres throughout Italy and is capable of delivering highly specialised professional services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find more information at the site or call 800-210834.All phone calls are free of charge.