Trade Marketing

Our Trade Marketing Team plays an important role in supporting our customers. It constantly analyses sales figures across our whole range, monitoring their rise and fall in order to continuously improve the profitability of each product line.
We can therefore advise our partners about their choice of products, allowing them to constantly increase their revenues. Every client is supported by a Visual Merchandiser, which represents how much value can be added to their stores and provides constant support for their own sales staff.
At SBS, we are always thinking of solutions that will improve and simplify the buying process. We have introduced the concept of category management to provide full in-store support for consumers by providing all the information they need to finalise their purchases.

We can also customise your customer displays and offer innovative and attractive display systems. We can offer long-term, seasonal or promotional hardcover layouts for sales sections, as well as self-supporting or panelling solutions for walls or compartments.